Janet’s goal is to set the stage for health REFORM here in America by exploring the most significant breakthroughs in health, wellness, and self-help. Her unflagging efforts to launch Imagine NOW was inspired by her success with other wellness campaigns, having played a leading role in the grass roots effort to derail an FDA proposal to over-regulate nutritional supplements in 1994. She led thousands in a campaign which succeeded in persuading the Congress to pass a much modified DSHEA Bill (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994) which kept nutritional supplements on the market.


Janet Soulful Rosie’s years as a young mom, once frantic to find answers to resolve health issues for her children, including one who suffered a head injury and another born with significant health challenges, continues her life-long dedication to wellness and responsible healthcare. 

She calls on everyone to join her crusade to promote health, wellness and personal freedom! Her dream is to help others move from a fearful nation to one of hope and positive transformation – one life at a time!  Janet Rosie’s Mantra simply states:  

 ‘When Love and Intent align with the Mind, Body and Spirit;

   We Create the Art of Soulful Living!



Janet aka Soulful Rosie


Direct: 571.237.5403

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