Barry Meuse - President

Alexandria, Virginia

Barry Meuse is a retired USAF Colonel, former Air Force combat fighter pilot, defense strategist and entrepreneur with over forty years’ experience in the private and public sectors. He is active in Veteran issues and an advocate of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for Veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury.

After retiring from the Air Force, Mr. Meuse founded and was President and Chief Executive Officer of National Security Analysts, a global aerospace and defense consulting firm which he headed for over twenty years. He later founded and was Chief Executive Officer of Network Resources International, a network services company and a company specializing in corporate structuring and finance.


Currently, he serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Imagine N.O.W., a non-profit dedicated to providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy to Veterans and First responders and as President and Chief Operating Officer of Wintergreen Ventures, Inc., a private company specializing in healthcare finance. Read more

Janet Franco - VIce President

Las Vegas, Nevada

Janet Franco, well-known 25-year radio personality, humanitarian and advocate for Veterans, serving men and women, First Responders, and all those in need, also known as “Soulful Rosie,” introduces her new mission after 11 years of development.


Janet launched Imagine N.O.W. (Nurturing our Warriors) as a ‘Movement’ in 2006 after listeners suggested she bring the advanced products, modalities and professionals she interviewed over two decades to soldiers and Veterans facing life-threatening PTS/PTSD and TBI. After years of advocating for the Imagine NOW “Movement,” in 2016, Janet co-founded “Imagine NOW,” the company, a Nevada non-profit, to bring a business structure to her efforts to help Veterans and serving men and women get the help they need. She serves as Imagine NOW Vice President and Director.


Janet recently went further in her efforts to help others. She launched a new companion for-profit company “Pay it Forward Network” (PIFN). PIFN was formed to provide proven and state-of-the-art healing modalities, become a nexus of information and healthy awareness and to provide immediate help to Veterans and First Responders by donating up to half its profits to Imagine NOW.  PIFN provides outstanding health and nutritional products to U.S. and international markets. The collaboration of PIFN and Imagine NOW fulfills Janet’s childhood vision to heal her children, spread healthy life styles and pursue humanitarian efforts to help those in need. Read more



Francesca Gatto -Vice President of Operations

Las Vegas, Nevada

Francesca Gatto is a business professional/entrepreneur with years of experience as the CEO of ABOUT-Consulting, LLC. ABOUT-Consulting was a certified woman-owned business in the US and Canada that provided top talent to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and Information Technology industries. Before owning her staffing company, she had a 16-year career in the oil and gas industry and then transitioned into IT consulting, recruiting and sales.

Francesca holds a BS from Rosemont College in Rosemont, Pennsylvania. She graduated Cum Laude and was elected and inducted to membership in Epsilon Upsilon Chapter which is a National Honor Society for adult learners in continuing higher education.

Francesca always had a passion for health and wellness with interest in helping people enjoy a healthy lifestyle and live a life of abundance. As VP of Operations for Imagine N.O.W., she can work with the Triple Crown of Health, hyperbaric oxygen, stem cell and neurofeedback in addition to the Triple Crown of Wellness, custom nutrition, energy medicine and cancer screenings to help our veterans, athletes and others restore their health to optimal levels. What's this item about? What makes it interesting? 

Andrew Lopez - Community Outreach Director

Andrew C. Lopez was born in Brooklyn, East New York on 9.9.1991, and raised on Long Island, N.Y.. At a very young age, Andrew knew he wanted to join the military but was not sure which branch. During high school, he researched the history of the branches and at 18 years young joined the United States Marine Corps. During a time of war in 2009, he signed up for Infantry and shipped out quickly to Parris Island for basic training. After a vigorous 13 weeks, Recruit Lopez became Private Lopez. While in weapons school, Andrew became highly interested in demolitions and rockets, so he immediately became an 0351 Infantry Assaultman. 


In 2011 after a year work up, he deployed overseas to Sangin Valley, Afghanistan. Andrew and his unit faced many difficulties during their deployment. His demolition training allowed his squad to have increased freedom of movement in an area with an elevated improvised explosives threat. With about a year and a half left of active duty, he returned back to Camp Lejeune. Andrew deployed once again to Okinawa for eight months, as standby for potential threats in the pacific. After his return in 2013, Corporal Lopez was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. Read more


Douglas A. Hotmer - Strategic Consultant

Over thirty (30) years of experience in organizational development, crafting mission statements and corporate visions. Held leadership roles in several multi-million-dollar businesses. Recognized as a visionary with an aptitude for strategic thinking and planning. Passion for identifying, supporting, and championing underrepresented and challenged population segments. As the EVP and CFO of ABOUT-Consulting, a US and Canadian staffing company, provided
contract and permanent talent solutions to fortune 500 companies.


Our staffing verticles focused on Information Technology, Clinical, Engineering, Sales and Marketing, and Administrative.
Managed all financial operations including profit and loss, sales, human resources, administrative, and legal. Developed staffing plans, compensation, budgets, and timelines at a corporate and branch level. Facilitated meetings which included strategic planning, setting monthly goals and objectives, and establishing company metrics for performance.


Hired, trained, and led a staff of sales managers, account executives and sales support employees. Earned a Master of Arts degree in Psychology from West Chester University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Wilmington University. Currently completing a PsyD degree in Behavioral Health Leadership from Walden University. Board Member and Percussionist at the Delaware Children’s Theatre for the past twenty plus years.

As the Strategic Consultant with Imagine N.O.W., will develop organizational and strategic processes to work with the Triple Crown of Health consisting of hyperbaric oxygen, stem cell and neurofeedback treatments in addition to the Triple Crown of Wellness consisting of custom nutrition, energy medicine and cancer screenings to help our veterans, athletes, and others restore their health to optimal levels.

Danny Berardi -Marketing Consultant

Las Vegas Nevada

Daniel joined Property Ventures of Marin in October 2011 as the Director of Marketing. He is responsible for the marketing, communication, and business development efforts of the firm. In addition to strategic business development efforts, He directs media relations, branding, advertising and website development. He manages and oversees sponsorships, events, marketing training and more.

He has over 28 years of experience in development, marketing, and coordination of new business plans and ideas. Has directed and coordinated the successful launch of many businesses and diverse product lines both Domestic and International.

In addition, he has great experience and vast knowledge in business development, traditional marketing and electronic marketing methods. Has owned, managed and operated several multi-million dollar companies from start up to full operations.t's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention.

Shannon Knight - Director, PR

Henderson, NV

Shannon Knight has been an advocate on a mission to inspire and bring hope to all who have been touched by cancer.  Shannon has been featured in film, documentaries, radio shows, podcast, magazine articles and she is a keynote speaker.  Shannon’s mission has been to lead individuals who are diagnosed with cancer through the emotional challenges. Shannon twice survived breast cancer, including stage 4 in 2010. She was faced with the challenge of how to save her life when conventional medicine failed her. It was because of her courage and willingness to go on the quest for alternative cancer treatment that she is alive today, since August 2011. She survived! The death sentence hanging over her head has been removed.


 Shannon shares her story on how cancer physically, emotionally and mentally affected her and how she was able to heal completely through alternative therapies including hyperbaric oxygen therapy,  bone marrow stem cell transplant and other healing modalities. Shannon has deep empathy and compassion for all who are facing not only a cancer diagnosis but PTSD, panic and anxiety and other health issues that arise from emotional and mental trauma.  


Shannon is a certified life coach and helps individuals better manage their emotions while coping with trauma.

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